place NOUN 1) a particular position or location. 2) a portion of space occupied by or set aside for someone or something. 3) a vacancy or available position. 4) a position in a sequence or hierarchy. 5) the position of a figure in a series indicated in decimal notation. 6) (in place names) a square or short street. 7) informal a person's home.
VERB 1) put in a particular position or situation. 2) find an appropriate place or role for. 3) allocate or award a specified position in a sequence or hierarchy. 4) (be placed) Brit. achieve a specified position in a race. 5) remember the relevant background or circumstances of. 6) arrange for the implementation of (an order, bet, etc.). 7) Rugby & American Football score (a goal) by a place kick.
go places — Cf. ↑go places
in one's place — Cf. ↑in one's place
in place — Cf. ↑in place
in place of — Cf. ↑in place of
out of place — Cf. ↑out of place
put someone in his (or her) place — Cf. ↑put someone in his place
take place — Cf. ↑take place
take one's place — Cf. ↑take one's place
take the place of — Cf. ↑take the place of
ORIGIN Old French, from Greek plateia hodos 'broad way' .

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